Aesthetic and durable glass canopy 

  • The load-bearing capacity of the system meets the requirements of the Nordic climate. 
  • The system can be adapted to the ceilings with custom dimensions
  • Can be used with heat strengthened laminated safety glass. 
  • Glass thicknesses: 88.4 (17.5 mm), 1010.4 (21.5 mm), 1212.4 (24.5 mm). 
  • Standard depths of the glass from the wall 800-2000 mm. 
  • All elements are machine-processed. 
  • The material used is stainless steel 316 (EN 1.4404)

RC1 - For attaching the glass on the wall 

RC2 - For attaching the glass on the mounting plates

System dimensions for RC1 &RC2

RC3 - Bottom-supported glass canopy system

The support structure under glass is also suitable for areas where it is not possible to install a canopy due to lack of space. 6 + 6 mm tempered laminated glass is used for the canopy with lower supports.