Point Fixed SG-FACADE

Aesthetically and safe solution 

  • Maximum transparency of the glass facade thanks to the absence of frames 
  • Both single glasses and insulated glass units can be used 
  • Bearing glass fins ensure the full transparency of the facade 
  • Stainless steel material 316 is durable in all conditions 

Project-specific approach

The point fixed glass facade presupposes a project specific approach from the constructor, because the wind loads that affect the facade and the glass dimensions are always different. Depending on the wind load, the correct thicknesses of glasses should be dimensioned. The dead weight of glass is dependent on that. The selection of correct fixing accessories is based on the wind load and the dead weight of the glass.

Project-Specific Accessories With Special Designs 

Our producer helps you to create original and secure point fixed glass facades by providing a full service from the performance of strength analyses to the manufacturing of fixing accessories. The product page gives a short overview about the glass facade fixing accessories offered by our producer. As each project is different, we have a large selection of project-specific accessories with special designs. For additional information, please contact.