-Thermal Insulation-

What is the right U-value and why is it important?

When you're going to have a new door or window, U-value is a term you're sure to hear again and again. What exactly does this word mean and why is it important?

The U value is used not only for doors and windows, but about all building parts. The designation says something about how well a building part isolates. Most often one is beyond the concept when it comes to windows and doors, but U-value is also used for the building of the house itself.

The U-value says something about how heat insulating a product is. Low U-value means that the product holds better on heat than a product with higher U-value. A low U-value ensures better comfort, but can also provide lower energy bills and save the environment.

One might think that all doors and windows keep the requirements that are set at U-value, but unfortunately it is not so. Therefore, pay very attention to this when choosing doors and windows, and ask your seller to question whether the product keeps the correct standard on the field. Keep in mind that your products should have a long service life and must keep the requirements set for this. Our doors and windows are in special class when it comes to low U-value.